Lean Dynamics Research offers publications, training, and consulting services on lean dynamics as a way to conquer the uncertainty and constant change that are increasingly undermining business performance and profitability.

The concept grew from a government-industry research study led by Stephen A. Ruffa, aimed at determining if Toyota's lean manufacturing practices could make the F-35 fighter aircraft more affordable. Ruffa published his findings showing the potential for a 25 percent savings by controlling variability in his award-winning book, Breaking the Cost Barrier.  While applying


key elements to Defense supplier programs for hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, he studied how successful corporations go even further by harnessing the forces of uncertainty. Ruffa introduced the underlying concept of lean dynamics in his book, Going Lean.

Founded in 2008 by Stephen A. Ruffa, Lean Dynamics Research continues to advance the principles and practices of lean dynamics through ongoing research, and providing access to world-class support to further your organization's shift to responsive, innovative capabilities.


Stephen A. Ruffa's diverse background as an aerospace engineer, a business researcher, and a management consultant working across functional areas with a wide range of clients has equipped him to speak to the desires and frustrations of people across your organization.  As a keynote speaker at government, industry, and academic forums he is experienced in articulating complex principles as well as the concrete steps for achieving lean dynamics goals.

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We have published books and other publications to help companies turn the forces of uncertainty and change to their advantage—overcoming extraordinary challenges, thriving in times of crisis, even taking advantage of profound shifts in their environment that would otherwise devastate a business.  Our speaking, training, and consulting practices draw from both published works and new research previewed from upcoming publications.

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Training and Consulting

Lean Dynamics Research offers the consulting expertise of Stephen A. Ruffa, partnered with organizations who can rapidly scale to meet your training and consulting needs. We have access to teams of consultants versed in the principles and methods of lean dynamics, with experience in supporting both corporate and government needs. Contact us to discuss your needs and the best way to access our services.

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For nearly a century, business leaders have clung to the idea that the value a company creates is integrally tied to its environment. Conditions that drive strong, predictable sales permit companies to operate their equipment at full capacity, generating the economies of scale that brings in the greatest profit. Their goal is to maximize this value while they can, which will sustain them during the periods when economic downturns inevitably strike. This is the understanding that for more than a century has guided corporations across the country and around the world. For business leaders everywhere, the rules have been clear, and those who have applied them the best have always won in the end.

Except today these rules no longer apply.

Our research has shown that a growing group of companies do not resign themselves to excel only when times are at their best. For them, performing well during downturns is a far more powerful result. What they achieve is far greater than others can produce when they maximize their efficiencies for when conditions are favorable.

Going Lean is a site dedicated to sharing these findings, and to shine a light on the misconceptions that are preventing so many companies — and government agencies — from realizing the extraordinary gains that lean principles have to offer.