Lean Dynamics is a powerful business improvement methodology based on one simple principle: That organizations of all types can innovate and drive extraordinary results even in the midst of uncertain and changing circumstances.

Today, corporations, agencies, and institutions face uncertainty and crisis like never before. Many seek to apply “best practices” to fix the problems this creates—inefficient processes, bloated inventories, or anything else that takes time, effort, or causes expense but doesn’t add to the bottom line. This is particularly true of organizations that are “going lean”; individuals are trained to uncover hidden “wastes” and try to get as much out as possible. But more often than not, this simply doesn’t create the results they expect. What’s wrong? Succeeding at this requires first understanding the impact of their dynamic business environment—the uncertain and changing conditions that drove these wastes to accumulate, and will likely cause them to return if improvements do not address their underlying cause.

This site provides unique, cutting-edge research for individuals, companies, agencies, and institutions seeking to understand and overcome the specific challenges of implementing lean in a complex, dynamic environment.

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