Expand your "span of insight" to launch your lean dynamics journey!

Our classes are structured to help you understand, communicate, and implement the concepts and specific actions that are integral to turning the forces of uncertainty and change to your organization's advantage. You want real results--and that's what our seminars and workshops are designed to support.

Succeeding with lean dynamics takes a shift in mindset, which is the focus of our classroom instruction.  But we don't stop there.  We bring you specific methods for introducing change in a deliberate, structured way.  You'll learn step-by-step approaches for assessing your organization, structuring your improvement plan, and applying many of the 'lean', Six Sigma, and other techniques you may already know--but aimed at creating responsive, innovative capabilities. We help you develop the end-to-end "span of insight" to see how improvement actions lead to enterprise-wide results.

We offer training for different needs, from those seeking to gain a baseline understanding of lean dynamics principles and practices, to seminars and workshops intended for advanced practitioners.

Our workshops draw from both published works and new research previewed from upcoming publications--so you'll be getting the latest insights, supported by new cases, equipping you with a fresh, practical, and compelling perspective to bring to your transformation efforts!

Workshop Calendar:

Session:  The Foundations of Lean Dynamics: Creating Dynamic Value 

Washington, D.C. (Dates TBD)

Overview: Provides an overview of lean dynamics as a business improvement methodology for producing extraordinary results amid uncertain and changing circumstances.

You will learn:

  • How lean dynamics is applied by today's best companies for overcoming the forces of uncertainty and change.
  • The role of a Dynamic Value Assessment in determining the starting point for your organization's lean journey
  • Why the way you go about defining product families can make or break your results
  • Identifying and addressing transformational focal points that will launch your improvement programs toward rapid, measurable progress
  • Specific methods for addressing the underlying causes for "waste" for widespread benefits
  • An organizational construct for managing implementation across complex operations that can produce game-changing results while mitigating traditional risks